Welcome to the website drinkspellen.info. On this website you will find information about various drinking games. So you don’t know yet how to play a particular drinking game? Find the rules here! The games currently described can be seen below.

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Shuffle the cards and deal four cards for each player. Then the players take turns placing a card on the table. When discarding, each player must say the new total value of the stack.

in 6

Fill 5 shot glasses with your favorite drink and give each glass a number from 1 to 5. To determine who starts, the die is rolled. Whoever throws the highest number of pips starts.


AC-DC is a simple and fast drinking game. A dealer is appointed. This is usually a person who likes a drink. The dealer deals two cards face up to a player. The player must now bet that the next card has a value that lies between the first two cards..

Beer and Poker

You hand out the poker fishes among the participants.
The values ​​of the fishes are:
White: 1 gulp
Red: 2 gulps
Green: 3 gulps
Blue: 4 gulps
Black: Ate!


Bierdammen is basically the same as drafts that everyone knows. The big difference is that you play with shot glasses of liquor instead of checkers.


Farmers is a game where it is about (not) getting the last jack, because that means: drink!


Mexen is a dice game very popular with students. It is also known as Mexico or Mexicans.

Otter sweat

Each player draws a card that he is not allowed to see. He holds the card to his forehead so that all other players can see the card (a cap is useful with this game).


Everyone knows Tic-Tac-Toe Butter, cheese and eggs. For many people a game to play in extreme boredom. Fortunately, a much nicer variant has now been devised!


Trimen is a dice game that originated in Austria. Originally it was called Three-man, but due to name corruption it has been distorted into Trimen.